Lt Eric Klemm
1st Lt Eric C. Klemm
, Squadron 712 CC
1st Lt Klemm joined Sq 712 in 2016 and has two Cadets in the program: Hannah Klemm and Logan Klemm. Lt Klemm served in the US Army for 23 years and attained the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7). He originally joined CAP as an Emergency Services Officer in Sq 712, and filled in as an Assistant Cadet Activities Officer, Logistics Officer, and Supply Officer. He has completed Squadron Leadership School, Training Leaders of Cadets, and the Unit Commander Course. His CAP resume includes the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, Achievement Medal, Red Service Ribbon, Air Search and Rescue Medal, and Disaster Relief Ribbon.

Capt Gary Karns, Squadron 712 Deputy CC for Seniors (CDS)
Capt Karns has been serving as the CDS of Squadron 712 since January 2017. He has served in CAP continuously since 2008. His previous CAP service includes Health Services Officer, Public Affairs Officer, Recruiting and Retention Officer, Leadership Officer, and Testing Officer. He holds a Technician rating on the Health Services specialty track and has completed Level II of the Senior Member Professional Development Program. Capt Karns is a veteran of the United States Navy, where he served for eight years in hospitals and attained E-5. He is employed today as a lab technician.

1st Lt Joshua M. Nussbaum, Squadron 712 Deputy CC for Cadets (CDC)
1st Lt Joshua (Josh) M. Nussbaum discovered CAP and Squadron 712 when he met Major Keith McMillen (past Squadron 712 CC) at a Boy Scout meeting. His specialty track ratings include Senior ratings in Cadet Programs, Communications, and IT, as well as Technician ratings in Administration, Personnel, and Professional Development. He holds two Wing Commander's Commendations, an Achievement Medal, two Disaster Relief Medals, and two Senior Member Recruiting Medals, and was named the 2016 PAWG Group 1 SM of the Year. He is employed with the consumer reporting industry and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Data Analytics.